Mobile Web Design The Wave of the Future.

There isn’t any doubt that mobile site design is going to be one of the most important aspects of promoting and marketing very soon. Cell phones now outnumber land lines by five to one. For you to keep your business at the top, you will have to be sure you have a mobile website. If not, you could be missing out on a lot of potential clients and revenue.

Your mobile website must be designed for results. It does not need to be one that looks cheap, has limited colour and menu selections, or looks awful on an iPad. You should really stay away from companies that use WordPress design templates and plugins for your mobile website just so they can have something up for you in a half an hour. Rather, take the time to talk with your mobile website designer and see what he recommends.

One of the most difficult parts about designing mobile sites is the extensive variety of mobile and desktop browsers that will try to access it. Each one will have varying technologies, user-bases, and screen resolution. However, a great mobile web developer will be able to use Responsive Web Design to make it all possible. This type of design lets a designer to design mobile and desktop sites at the same time to ensure that it will conform to any browser you use.

Finally, keep in mind that no company can guarantee you the number one position in the search results. If they do, they are lying. The search engines use a mix of formulas to determine which search results to put first. While a website design company can definitely strive to get you the search results you desire, nothing can be guaranteed.

Why You Should Carefully Choose Your Mobile Site Design

When people create a website, then many of them give a lot of importance in the designing part. That is a good thing, but mostly they give importance only to desktop site and they do not pay minute attention to the mobile site design. This is a big mistake done by many people while creating a website and due to this mistake they end up having a lot of complications or loss in their work.

As far as drawback of poorly chosen mobile site design are concerned, then it can include poor search engine optimization, improper resolution on screen and lack of usability. If you will have these three problems in your website, then most of the people will not be able to reach your website via search results. And if they reach there, then they would not stay for long due to improper display of the website on their mobile or handheld devices.

Mobile Site Design

So what should your mobile site design include? First, you want the business’s relevant information to be very noticeable.Most businesses have learned the advantages of having an online presence. Some of the rewards include a bigger customer base, more repeat customers, and more revenue. If a business doesn’t have a website, it is likely that they cannot remain competitive with other companies in their industry. But, technology is always progressing, and that brings about a new advertising and marketing platform.

Today, there are around 100 million men and women who have mobile phones. These individuals do not just have mobile phones — they have smartphones. As a result of the incredibly fast growth and popularity of smartphones, there has been a surge of mobile websites by companies who would like to capitalize on this new internet platform.

To make sure your business takes advantage of this platform, you will have to ensure that your mobile site design is attractive. This means that you need a mobile site design business that really knows this platform, in addition to the dynamics of creating effective advertising on it. The format and the criteria are unique, which demands some very specialized training and skill.

Things like your company name, address, phone number, and email addresses are frequently what people are looking for from their mobile phone. Secondly, your mobile website should be devised, so it loads immediately. When prospective customers are exploring the internet on their smartphones, they want the relevant information they seek immediately. If your mobile website does not load quickly, your site visitors are likely to leave your mobile site and go to your competitors’. That means you could have just lost money or lost a future repeat customer.

Choose your mobile website designer carefully. Ask around to see what business others recommend. When you have the names of two or three service providers, contact them and see if they offer a free estimate for their services. You should also ask if they offer unlimited revisions until you are satisfied. Compare the services and the customer service the company provides. Look at other web sites and mobile websites and see how they look. You want a mobile website that focuses more on the user’s experience. Leave the graphics and other additions for your main web site. Give your potential users the information they seek on a mobile web site.

Mobile Site Design Development Critical Issues

As the number of smartphones and tablets increase in the market and with the masses, the market of mobile site design development also grows. The market for mobile applications is also increasing dramatically. It has been observed that the most of the tools that were being used for tradition site design are also being used mobile site design. Some of the critical issues that come up when dealing with mobile site design are variations in the size of the screen, the elements to draw the attention of the user and the issues about the usability of the mobile site application.



In a case of the mobile site use the navigation needs to be as simple as possible because it is one of the prime considerations for the success of any mobile site application. The navigation for reaching the final pages needs to make as short as possible.

When we compare the desktop application with the mobile site application from the visitors perspective, it can differ a lot. It is entirely possible that the purpose of the visitors of mobile site applications and desktop applications may vary a lot.

The target of the desktop applications and mobile site application can also change a lot. The mobile interface should be so focused and simple that it task oriented approach is exhibited.

No Gimmicks:

Usually, the efficiency of generating business by the mobile site application is surprising, just because the mobile site applications are void of gimmicks. The success of the mobile site application depends on its need, its utility, accessible functionality, easy navigation and ease to understand it.

Branding and Utility:

The placing of the logo on the site page plays a crucial role in the branding of the mobile site. Usually, the mobile applications are designed to exhibit the logo on the top of the mobile site page. The mobile site application should be user oriented and designed to cater to the needs of the users.

When the mobile site design is being prepared its utility by the user should be of prime concern. At the end of the day, it is the final user who runs the mobile site by buying the offerings and generating revenue for the sustenance of the site.

Task Orientation of Mobile Site:

The mobile site should facilitate the visitor with the needed information in the least number of clicks. Usually, the guest after visiting the mobile site more than once tries to skip the pages like the welcome message page that has less relevance. This implies that the visitors who have got used to the mobile site will reach the destined pages anyhow, but this has to be taken very seriously in the case of first-time visitors. The visitors of mobile sites try to finish their purpose of visiting the mobile site as soon as possible. So, the mobile site needs to be task oriented.


The content of the mobile site should be to the point and without any beating about the bush. The visitors of mobile site do not like to read lengthy descriptions and subject themselves to great sales pitching.